Cutters for fresh pasta

Machines for moulding laminated pasta

Cutters are extremely versatile machines and come in many versions. The purpose of these machines is to produce tagliatelle (noodles) or lasagne of various sizes.
These machines can be supplied with an autonomous structure in stainless steel or mounted directly on other production machinery.
The heart of the machine is the cutting unit, which receives the sheet and cuts it to length, thereby forming the tagliatelle. It is moved by a motor and is interchangeable (also in completely automatic mode) with other cutting units in order to produce different formats.
It can be preceded by one or more pairs of calibrator rollers to define the thickness of the sheet with precision, and it is usually followed by shears to operate the cross-cutting of the product in order to define length.
Collection of the final product may be carried out on a conveyor belt, on automatically handled frames, on subsequent treatment machines or directly in packages after thermal treatment.
Thanks to special devices in combination, the product can be wrapped in bundles or stacked.



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