Immersion coolers

Machines for cooling the pre-cooked product with eventual oiling

After cooking treatment, the pre-cooked product must be cooled quickly and starches washed out. The machine best suited for this task is the immersion cooler. The product is passed inside a stainless steel tank filled with water through a special conveyor (generally made of alimentary plastic) placed inside the tank itself. Moving through water, the product is washed and cooled for a certain predefined time, in accordance with the type of product to be treated, and then conveyed to the outlet of the machine as soon as the period of immersion is over. The outlet zone of the machine may be fitted with spraying ramps complete with nozzles for washing away any residual starch still present on the product. The continuous input of new fresh water into the tank makes it possible to keep the washing water always clean and at the proper cooling temperature. After the washing and cooling operations, a product oiling device (roller or ramp) is sometimes used, which makes the product softer and prevents it from sticking.


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