Technical assistance for the food industry

Consulting service, maintenance and repair of equipment and machinery for pasta and foodstuffs

A very important aspect on which the company focuses is after-sales service and advice for optimisation of production. SIDE provides customers with all the technical support needed to obtain the most from the machines they use and to cope with the constant need to review and optimise them.

SIDE has also organised a preventative maintenance service for customers, drastically reducing production stoppages. Some parts of the machines are subject to wear over time, making it inevitable that there will be breakages or malfunctions which cause problems during production and result in delays. By regularly monitoring machines and implementing preventive replacement of worn parts (thus, before deterioration can compromise their functionality), perfect operation of the line is ensured over time.

These operations are carried out in close collaboration with the customer, because the practical experience acquired through use of the machines is a key factor for success of the service.

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