SIDE is a new company that designs and manufactures equipment and machinery for the food industry, especially for the production of fresh pasta.

The company relies on elements of great experience, both as regards the design and manufacture of production equipment. In particular, owner Denis Simonetto has worked actively in the field of fresh pasta since 1996, collaborating with numerous manufacturing companies and many pasta factories. This has allowed us to acquire a wide knowledge of the problems typical of this sector and, as a consequence, the most effective solutions.

The following is the range of machinery for the production of pasta produced:

  • Continuous kneaders for continuous preparation of pasta dough
  • Shuttle distributors for distribution of the pasta dough
  • Extruders (simple or for gluten-free pasta)for moulding short, long or sheet pasta
  • Sheeters for production of sheet pasta
  • Cutters for production of layered pasta
  • Nest formers for production of nest format pasta
  • Pasteurisers for bacterial reduction of the product and increase of its shelf life
  • Immersion cookers for pre-cooking of the product
  • Immersion coolers for lowering temperature after the cooking process
  • Shakers and Pre-driers for surface drying of the product
  • Tunnel coolers for heat reduction of the product
  • Semi-automatic lines for the production of cannelloni and ready meals
  • Coil belts for thermal processing (pasteurisation, cooling and freezing) of the product
  • Transport systems for conveying raw materials and/or final product
  • Vibrating tables for even scattering of the product inside subsequent machinery

Company presentation:

Our plus:

Made-to-order machinery for pasta factories

Very often the customer has problems of space, or needs to change the type of treatment according to the product to be made, or to allow the production chain to follow different paths depending on the type of processing that is planned.

SIDE is able to propose solutions that also provide the answer to these problems, thanks to the design and manufacture of combined machinery, special conveyor belts (feather, retractable, cornering, etc.), automatic devices for handling of the product (pistons , dividers, catenaries, etc.) and electrical panels complete with PLC programmed to meet any need.

Cleaning and sanitisation of machinery and equipment for the production of pasta

One of the characteristics most in demand from customers is ease of cleaning and sanitisation: therefore, in addition to being designed to simplify such operations to the maximum, SIDE equipment is designed to be combined with various devices for automatically washing and sanitising the machinery using water, detergents or steam, for example through appropriate washing CIPs.

Machinery and equipment for pasta factories with low energy consumption

As time goes by, it is clear that the cost of energy is increasingly becoming a fundamental element of business costs.

SIDE is always mindful of this factor to the extent that equipment is designed to avoid energy waste and use energy only where and when needed.

After-sales assistance for machinery and equipment for pasta factories

A very important aspect on which the company focuses is after-sales service and advice for optimisation of production. Many customers need to review and adjust outdated machinery or would like to solve various problems concerning production: SIDE is able to provide customers with all the technical support needed to obtain the most from the machines they have.

Our lines for the production of pasta

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