Cooling tunnel for pasta

Equipment for cooling pasta

The task of the cooler is to lower the temperature of the product coming from the preceding heat treatment with a certain rapidity in order to slow down the proliferation of new bacterial load on the product. Basically, the machine comprises a series of conveyor belts made of polypropylene or stainless steel, positioned one above the other to transport the product to an area where finned pack cooling batteries are located fitted with fans for the recirculation of air and a series of stainless steel insulation panels with injected polyurethane which are easy to open for inspection and cleaning thanks to special hinges. The batteries can be powered by freon or glycol water; further, if the treatment temperature is particularly low, it can be equipped with electrical defrosting heaters. If the customer so requires, the machine can be equipped with various kinds of accessories; for example, fans can be mounted on doors that open to facilitate cleaning operations and the belts can be cleaned by an automatic washing system.


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