Freezing spiral conveyor

Systems for freezing, cooling, proofing, drying and pasteurizing alimentary products

Coil conveyors are extremely versatile machines. They can be used to freeze, cool, leaven, dry or pasteurise different types of product, both before and after packaging. At a conceptual level, they are long conveyor belts which receive the product and take it inside a cell where there are set conditions of ventilation and/or temperature and/or moisture. Through their movement, the belts keep the product inside the cell for a pre-set time, moving it slowly along a coil path and allowing the product to be exposed to the same treatment from every direction without subjecting it to impacts or forced movements of any kind. Once the path has been completed, the product is brought out of the cell to allow any subsequent treatments or for storage. Normally coils are used to treat foodstuffs, such as pasta, bakery products, vegetables, meat and so on.

The machine essentially consists of a cell formed by insulation panels suited to the type of pre-selected treatment, a stainless steel support structure, a conveyor belt (made of stainless steel or alimentary plastic), a pulling device for movement of the belt (drum or column in accordance with the type of coil in question) and the treatment unit (to bring the cell to the right temperature and/or moisture level and recirculate air).. The coil can be constructed in many different ways: the length and width of the belt, the number of tables, the positioning of the treatment devices, the size of the cell and so on can be varied. All this explains why the machine is extremely versatile and therefore much appreciated by the most demanding customers. To manage the treatment process, an electrical panel complete with PLC, which permits easy checking of all parts of the machine, is normally used.


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