Immersion cookers

Equipment for pre-cooking of the product

The purpose of the tunnel cooker is to perform pre-cooking of the product in order to speed up preparation of the dish by the consumer. It may come in different dimensions and shapes depending on the type of product to be treated. The structure is strictly stainless steel and the tunnel has one or more conveyor belts in polypropylene or stainless steel positioned in such a way as to facilitate immersion of the product in boiling water. The water container tank and the cover are made of stainless steel and isolated from the outside by means of rock wool. Water heating may take place through a coil of tubes made of AISI316 steel powered by steam or an external heat exchanger, again powered by steam, but alternatively there is the possibility of using electric heaters. The particular shape of the motorised opening of the cover also enables lifting the group of bands to facilitate cleaning of the tank. Water heating control, band speed, circulation and restoration of water level are performed automatically via an electrical panel complete with PLC. To cool the product and wash out starches, it is recommended that a device for washing the pre-cooked product be added at the end of the treatment chain.


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