Pasta Presses

Presses for the production of extruded pasta

The press is used to produce a wide range of pasta formats, both short and long, but if desired can also be used to produce sheets thanks to the simple replacement of dies, thus making it very versatile. Also in this case, the production range is very wide, from 200 kg/h to over 1000 kg/h.

The machine already has all the features of the continuous kneader, from the collection of raw materials to their mixing, and is also equipped with stainless steel platform, stairway and railings. For production of the pasta, the press links the extrusion group to the kneader; the extrusion group comprises a cylinder and a compression screw, and is designed to collect and compress the pasta dough against a die. Passing through the holes of various shapes and sizes of the die, the pasta dough acquires the desired shape. Dies are interchangeable and make it possible to produce a variety of different formats; they may also have Teflon inserts (for producing smooth and aesthetically pleasing pasta dough) or be entirely of bronze (making dough rough and much more suitable for retaining sauce). They are mounted on special heads, designed to ease replacement of dies. The heads can be cylindrical (suitable for the production of short pasta such as macaroni or fusilli) or rectangular (more suitable for the production of long pasta such as spaghetti or bucatini). Depending on the type of head on which they are mounted, the dies will have the corresponding shape. The cutting to length of the product is carried out by a special rotary cutter or, in the case of long pasta, by special shears.

For the production of particular formats (such as, for example, penne), there are special accessories useful for this purpose.


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