Vibrating tables for foodstuffs

Vibration devices for distributing and transporting the product

The vibrating table is used mainly for two main purposes: to spread the product evenly on the next machine or pick up the product to transport to subsequent machines. In construction terms, the vibrating table is realised following the same principle: there is a fixed solid stainless steel structure, one or more oscillating stainless steel tables connected to the structure by elastic elements and a movement unit for transmitting the motion to the oscillating tables. The construction shape, size and supplied accessories may vary very widely depending on usage. For example, the output can be of the “slice of salami” type, the oscillating table can be made of perforated or rigidised stainless steel plate or in a network of stainless steel, there may be a second vibrating table for the collection of powders, and fans can be mounted to dry the product immediately after forming, and so on.


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